We are looking forward to provide you the best online racing based on:

  • Organization;
  • Competition;
  • Clean Racing;
  • Fair-play;
  • Fun;

As in real racing, unexpected incidents can happen on track… we are aware of this fact and to achieve the best and fair results, we have to take penalties on board.


The “Penalty Level System”, or PLS, will be divided in several levels:

  1. Very Light – Warning;
  2. Light – Drive Through (5-10 seconds discounted at the end of the race);
  3. Medium – Stop & Go (15 – 30 seconds discounted at the end of the race);
  4. Severe – Black Flag (excluded from the race);
  5. Very Severe – Suspension of GTOR Racing License*;

*The suspension of your GTOR Racing License means that you cannot participate in any GTOR Event. The period of suspension can be from 24hours until 365 days.


Below you can see our PLS Level Action Map, where are determined the rules of the PLS Actions.

If a driver has 2 or more occurences in 2 straight races, he will be black flagged from the 2nd event no matter what occurence happened, and his GTOR RACING LICENSE suspension will be analyzed.

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