New Racer’s Rules


We are not a closed community so all new drivers are welcome!

Nevertheless, there are some rules that we want you to completely understand before you sign in, in any event.

Basically to participate in our events, we require the GTOR Racing License.

What is the GTOR Racing License?

The GTOR Racing License is a “virtual” Racing License that allows you to participate in our events, and is a proof that you respect 3 simply things:

What must I do to get the GTOR Racing License?

If you want to join this community please send us an email to with the subject ” NEW MEMBER – “PSNID”.

We will then get in contact with you and send you the GTOR Racing Briefing which is a small 4 pages document.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We will never evaluate your driving skills, we are open to all kind of driver’s from the hyper fast ones, to the novice ones. We just want clean driving and fair-play amongst the other competitors.

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