Tips & Tricks

Here you can find some Tips & Tricks of the Community to solve some issues or to improve faster their GT experience.

Entering private lobby

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Entering public lobby

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Fast Money

Use the Seasonal B-Spec event, with a level 28 B-Spec Driver at Rome Circuit. 500pp car (Honda NSX LM Road Car recommended). 340.000 Cr (with 200%bonus) in 7 minutes whithout touching the PS3.

Fast Way to Engine running-in

Your car must have 300kms in the odometer for the engine to be at 100% capability.

Buy the new car, change oil, get your B-Spec Driver and go to B-Spec Like The Wind Indianapolis.

Your car will probably be the slowest one, but the point is not winning, just to complete 300kms.

Race it 4 times (1 hour), check your odometer (290 kms is enough) and change the oil again.

Your engine will be at 100% capability.

Improve your online connection

Clear your GT5 online Cache. Go to Menu -> Options -> Network -> Clear Cache (video)

Don’t play with Wireless. Always play with cable.

Check your PS3 NAT. You must be with NAT2 or NAT1 configuration. NAT3 not very good connection.

If you are on a Room and you see a driver with some “bars” behind his name, you should prevent the room host that that driver is timed-out in your conection. Driver with bars should leave and re-enter the room.

Update used car Stock faster

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