RLEE01 – Official GTOR Photographer

Interview with RLEE01 – Official Blog Photographer


  • [GTOR] Can you tell us the origin of your nickname?

[RLEE01] R is from Rui and Lee was my nickname when I was a high competition fighting sport’s athlete. The 01 was forced by PSN lol.

  • [GTOR] When did your passion for the GT brand started?

[RLEE01] Since day 1, when I had my old PS1 and passed my days pressing the X button until my finger’s became injured, and there was no online.

  • [GTOR] With the GT being an hobbie, what other hobbies do you have?

[RLEE01] Fighting Sports, Photography, informatics, movies and fishkeeping.

  • [GTOR] Since you also are the GTOR Official Photographer, we may consider photography is more like a passion than an hobbie? How many time do you spend shooting/producing an event?

[RLEE01] It is really a passion. It depends of the event, in a 30 minute race, shooting takes about 4 hours, and the post production goes around 2 hours, so 6 hours in total. 

  • [GTOR] Beside the great pictures you always take, we may consider you one of the first half of the leaderboard drivers. How can you combine both this things?

[RLEE01] It is pure passion to automotive sports and competition, some technique acquired throughout these GT years, some training, when possible, because I have wife and a small daughter asking me if I don´t have other stuff to do… My great luck is that they are both angels 😀

  • [GTOR] Speaking about your photos, can you tell us some tips about shutter speeds and opening values?

[RLEE01] Well those are more complex fields than you can imagine, it depends on what do you want do capture (freezed or with movement), focal distance, and the main issue in a photo, the available light!

In automotive Sport, in order to freeze the target it is necessary an high speed shutter. To create the movement effects, you would want a slow shutter speed and follow the movement of the car with the lens (target focused) and shoot, that is the so-called Paining.

As for the opening values, it all depends on the distance of the target, if we want blurred backgrounds (opening F 2.8 e.g.), or the entire scene focused (F11/F22), etc. ..

  • [GTOR] Can you explain us some of the secrets that can help us improve our photos?

[RLEE01] Always respect the photometer of your machine, never under expose nor over expose a picture.

Do not exaggerate in the Photoshop, just a few retouches.

Always remember that taking pictures is like drawing with the light.

  • [GTOR] Would you like us to question you with some other question? Which one and what would be your answer?

[RLEE01] I don’t think so, but I would really like to burn the tyres of a real Nissan GTR in the Nordschleife rather than in a Simulator 😀


Thank you RLEE for your time!

Official GTOR Reporter – Scorpio_IR

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