Week 6 – BMW Z4 M coupe´08

 Car of the Week 6

Manufacturer : BMW
Release Date : 2008

Gran Turismo 5 Car Description

The BMW M models always attract car lovers with their superb driving performance . The Z4 M coupe was added to this lineup in 2006 , roughly 4 years after the release of the Z4 Series.

While the earlier model of the M coupe was in a hatchback style , the Z4 M coupe is a pure 2 seater. Though the front end has the same look as the Z4 roadster, the roofand the closed body behind the front section is all specifically redesigned for the coupe.

The rigidty of the resulting chassis is extremely high in comparison to the roadster , it is twice as strong.

In addition , the air resistance coefficient is 0,35 , an improvement of 0.02 over the roadster.
As ever with the M models the most notable feature is of course the engine. It utilises the S54B32 inline 6 Cylinder DOHC engine from the M3  , and produces 338BHP/7900RPM and 37,2 kgfm/4900 rpm from its 3246cc displacement.
Including an engine with specs such as this in a beautiful coupe body proved to be an instant recip for success.

The transmission is only available in a ZF manufactured 6 speed MT.
Although the base Z4 series is equipped with an electric power assisted power steering , the Z4 M coupe is given power steering with a hydraulic assist mechanism to provide a better steering feel . A mechanism LSD is also added as standard equipment.

Whilst easy to handle at low revs, once above 3000 rpm massive amounts of torque is produced , and even in normal driving mode handling is quick.

Sources :  Gran Turismo 5 ( pictures from Gran Turismo 5 photomode ) 

Videos about the Z4 M

-GTOR Route X Lap


Car of the Week Route X Timetable  

( Week 6 ) BMW Z4 M coupe´08 – 6:16.909

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