Week 5 – Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG´08

 Car of the Week 5

Manufacturer : Mercedes-Benz AMG

Release Date : 2008

The C63 AMG is reportedly the first AMG-Mercedes designed from the ground up for performance.
Its AMG C-Class predecessors had essentially featured “bolt on” performance modifications, these earlier AMG models suffered from “relentless understeer” and “heavy steering”.

The C63 AMG has a revised front end suspension that is taken from the CLK 63 AMG Black Series.
The ESP can now be completely turned off, interfering only under heavy braking. The C63 AMG also has the quickest, most responsive steering of any Mercedes to date (2008).

The C63’s timing is propitious. Long a home for heavyweight cruise missiles, AMG’s tent has generally been avoided by the younger cut-and-thrust crowd typically found in M3s. 

As AMG was committed to new stampings and revised spindles, engineers seized the opportunity to widen the front track by 1.4 inches and tinker with core suspension geometry, lowering the car’s roll center and increasing front and rear camber while reducing caster to sharpen the steering (along with a quicker 13.5:1 rack ratio). The struts, although not adjustable as in the Black Series, have been fine-tooth-combed to lubricate their motion and improve structural stiffness.

AMG seems to have unearthed BMW’s recipe for ride-and-handling compromises. Spring and shock rates are up but not ride harshness. The C63 has fierce turn response through tactile steering but rolls over chuckholes with muffled impacts, all without resorting to pricey electronic suspension widgets.

The AMG 6.208L V8 engine, despite being detuned compared to other AMG offerings using the same powerplant, still provides the C63 AMG with more horsepower and torque over direct rivals such as the Audi RS4 and BMW M3.The 7G-Tronic automatic transmission has AMG SpeedShift with three shift modes – Comfort, Sport and Manual – with the last one running with the converter locked allowing the driver to hold the engine at the rev limit. The C63 AMG is the quickest 4-door production sedan in the world at its debut (2008) .

Gran Turismo 5 Car Description

AMG was originally a successeful independent tuner that participated in races in Mercedes based machines. In 1999 , it enteredthe Daimler Group and became a strong brand that supports the Mercedes-Benz  motorsports activities. They have now come to be known as the engineering group that specially develops high performance models in Mercedes-Benz lineup.

Their level of technology is proven , and not only do they tune Mercedes-Benz engines , they also develop their own high performance power units all on their own .

The C63AMG uses their all original power unit under bonnet of the C class. The 6.2L DOHC V8 , though normally aspirated produces 451BPH/61.2lgfm . Combined  with a specifically tuned 7 speed AT , it shows performance that enables it to chase down even Porsches with ease. Of course the suspension , brakes, drivetrain and everything that has to do with improving driving performance has been thoroughly reworked , and it is more like a supercar in saloon  guise.

From 204 series , the car has been given more characteristic parts than previous C class AMGs , having a front bonnet with power bulge , wide wings , aerodynamic front and rear bumper and side skirts. The aggressive looks that differentiate it from a modest , standard C classe is another reason for its huge popularity.

Sources : wikipedia , caranddriver.com , Gran Turismo 5 ( Gran Turismo 5 pictures from photomode )

Videos about the C 63 AMG
GTOR C 63 AMG Route X Lap

Car of the Week Route X Timetable

( Week 5 ) Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG´08 – 6:11.665

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