ROC Stage 3


Event Information

The Stage3 of the ROC2011 will be performed with 3 hot lap times. The slowest driver from the 3 of each group will be eliminated. The other 2 will continue Racing.

The grid order will be based on the group results, meaning that the first driver to enter track at each group is the 1st place in the group (eg. Group B pole position is for gugashadow).

There will be 5 laps.

  • Lap1 – Warming-up lap
  • Lap2 – Qualify lap
  • Lap3 – Qualify lap
  • Lap4 – Qualify lap
  • Lap5 – Slow Down lap
Drivers will departure with 20 seconds difference between them. 1st driver at green light, 2nd driver at 20:00 seconds and third driver at 40:00 seconds.

General Information

  • All driver’s will drive the same car;
  • Stock Mercedes 300 SL Coupé ’54 is needed; (you can buy it from the car dealership); 
  • Lobbie with 3 drivers of the group at once with the same settings, and the same rules;
  • First group of drivers must enter lobbie until 21:55;
  • You must enter the race track and grid order in the same group order (1º,2º,3º)
  • Eiger Norwand Short – 5 Laps (aproximately 10 minute racing)

Car Specifications

Stock, no changes are allowed. Please do not install any parts, tuning is prohibited!
YOU CAN ONLY: Overhaul the engine, change oil, restore the chassis, change wheels, paint body and wheels.
Tyres: Confort Soft


  • Lobbie Opening Time -> 21:50
  • Group A Enter Room-> 21:50 until 21:55
  • Race Group A Start -> 22:00
  • Group B Enter Room-> 22:05 until 22:10
  • Race Group B Start ->22:15 or early
  • Group C Enter Room-> 22:20 until 22:25
  • Race Group C Start -> 22:30 or early
  • Group D Enter Room-> 22:35 until 22:40
  • Race Group D Start ->22:45 or early
  • Group E Enter Room-> 22:50 until 22:55
  • Race Group E Start -> 23:00 or early
  • Group F Enter Room-> 23:05 until 23:10
  • Race Group F Start ->23:15 or early
  • Group G Enter Room-> 23:20 until 23:25
  • Race Group G Start -> 23:30 or early
  • Group H Enter Room-> 23:35 until 23:40
  • Race Group H Start ->23:45 or early
Drivers, this will be a great logistic effort from EVERYONE not to delay the event.
We will not allow anyone to practice before the race, so the main goal is to enter lobby in the range time we posted above and get ready to race as soon as possible.
Entering Lobby Respect the time above for your group and don´t enter lobby to see the other’s race or to ask silly questions like (what’s the tyres). We will be broadcasting LIVE at Justin TV so log in in justin to see the others racing;
Entering Pit – When the other race finishes you are able to enter pit only. Don´t enter track. Your grid position is by the group order, for example, in Group A TwinSpark41 will be leaving pole position and DrummerManiac will be leaving 2nd in the grid.
Starting RacePlease Check if you are in the right order before the organization starts the Start Button. If you don´t see any of your team mates, please inform.
Leaving the Lobby – leave lobby as soon as possible in order for others to enter track and lobby

 What if I don’t enter in time?

  1. If you miss the entering procedure of your group, and the other 2 drivers of your group were able to race, you will be automatically placed 3th, so you will not be able to go to stage4;
  2. If you miss the entering procedure of your group and another driver of your group also misses, we will automatically place in 4th the driver that had the worst time in the qualify;
  3. If you miss the entering procedure of your group and another driver of your group also misses, and if you both missed the Qualify Round, we will automatically place in 4th by the alphabetical order of the driver’s PSNid;

Room Settings

Help only ABS
Tyre Restrictions: CONFORT SOFT
Light Mechanical Damage On/ Penalty Off
Real Grip Reduction on Track Edge
Boost Off / Slipstream Strenght Weak
Start Type:
Race: Grid Order: Based in the Group’s Order
Race Finish Delay: 180 sec

Stock Mercedes 300 SL Coupé ’54

Eiger Norwand Short

* The reading and understanding of these rules does not replace the need of reading and understanding the General Blog Rules.


Final Results

Final Groups

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