ROC Specifications


GTOnline Racing proudly presents the 2011

We will invite the Champions and the vice-Champions of the 12 official Championships of 2011 to participate in the GTOR Race of Champions 2011, plus there will be a Qualifying Round for all drivers that will not be invited directly. The first 8 drivers of the Qualifying round will also be racing at the GTOR ROC 2011.

If a driver has already been invited because was 1st or 2nd in some given championship, and he is again the 1st or 2nd in another event, we will invite the 3rd classified and so on until the 24 invited player´s list is full with 2 drivers from each different championship.

Drivers will be sorted in 8 groups of 4 and there will be 5 different events until reaching the final.

The events include:

  • Fast ROC Races, where the last driver of each lap to pass the finish line will be automatically eliminated;
  • Fast ROC Laps, where drivers will have to drive as hard as they can in 5 super hot laps;
  • There will be Champions League Group Division, where the 1st of one group will meet the 2nd of another group;
  • There will be ROC Finals**, where drivers will battle out head-to-head in an exclusive GTOR event;
  • There will be ROC Super Finals**, where drivers will battle out head to head in an exclusive GTOR event to find out who is the ultimate GTOR ROC Champion, and who is the only one eligible to use the #1 in his car at the GTOR events;

More information will be released soon so keep alert to the blog and to your mailbox 😉

**ROC Finals and ROC Super Finals consist in 2 players aligned in the starting line, one facing the right side of track, and the other facing reverse track. The race will start when the room clock marks 0:15:000 seconds. Drivers must cross line and change the direction 3 times. The winner will be the one that crosses the finish line first after the 4 laps and the 3 direction changes.

Video explanation: ColiMatrix77 Camera

Video explanation: taboaamassa Camera

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