Drift Series Event 2 – Closed

Drift Series Event -2

This event will be open from May, 1st 00:00 GMT to May, 31th 23:59,59 GMT


Mode: GT Mode – Drift Session -Full Lap

Track: Original – Tsukuba Circuit


  • Max. Power: You can install all kinds of engine upgrades available , Turbo too.
  • Tyres: All tyres Allowed
  • Chassis Weight Reduction – Allowed
  • Fully Customisable Transmission – Allowed
  • Torque Distributing Centre Differential – Allowed
  • Fully Customisable LSD – Allowed
  • Aero – Maximum Downforce – Allowed
  • Personalized Setup – Allowed

Event Rules

  • 2 wheels on the track at all time
  • 2 wheels on the track at all time
  • Rumble/ripple strips are part of the track
  • Runoff areas are not part of the track
  • Grass are not part of the track
  • No contact with walls or other objects
General Rules
  • Submit your Score in the form bellow, and whenever possible with link for picture
  • Tell us your Score as many times as you like, the final Score is what will count
  • Scores submitted after deadline will not count, please submit your score in time
  • Always Save Replay ,  and keep it for two weeks after event close
  • Submit the replay for top players is mandatory
  • GTOR Team may request for your replay at any time, top players or not
  • When requested the players have seven days to provide the correct replay
  • If replay was not submitted the time will not count and will be removed
  • Anyone found cheating will be banned from Drift events
  • Video replays not valid as form of verification of your time


Save Replay   Ghost Replay

Use the form bellow to say your score.
Table scores can take up to 5 minutes to be actualized.


Enjoy and good luck.

3 comentários a “Drift Series Event 2 – Closed

  1. oh SmOke ainda te vou apanhar!!!! 😛
    grande pontuação,já tou farto de dar voltas e ainda me faltam no minimo mais 2000 pontos para te apanhar 😀

  2. SmOke grande pontuação 🙂

    Apenas dei umas voltas mas a coisa não correu muito bem , a ver se me dedico um pouco mais ao Drift e aqui coloco o meu modesto resultado 🙂

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