Time Trial 6 – Closed


UPDATE: This event is OPEN until July, 15th, 23:59.59 GMT 

Mode: GT Mode – Practice: A-Spec Free Run (Video)

Track: Dirt and Snow – Chamonix East

CAR: (P) Toyota Celica GT-Four Rally Car (ST-205) ’95

  • Max. Power: 378 BHP (383CV) – After running-in (300 km)
  • Weight:  1200 Kg
  • PP’s: 530
  • Tyres: Snow
  • Turbo – NOT Allowed
  • Engine Level 3 – Allowed
  • Chassis Reinforcement – Allowed
  • Personalized Setup – Allowed

Driving Options
Driving Options

Change NOT Allowed Change NOT Allowed Change Allowed Change Allowed

Event Rules

  • No contact whatsoever with the track boundaries (walls, fences)  or other objects;

General Rules
  • Submit your time in the comments, and whenever possible with link for picture
  • Tell us your time as many times as you like, the final time is what will count
  • Times submitted after deadline will not count, please submit your time in time
  • Always Save Best Lap Replay (Ghost Replay), NOT Save Replay and keep it for two weeks after event close
  • Submit the replay for top 5 players is mandatory
  • GTOR Team may request for your replay at any time, top players or not
  • When requested the players have seven days to provide the correct replay
  • If replay was not submitted the time will not count and will be removed
  • Anyone found cheating will be banned from Time Trial events
  • Video replays not valid as form of verification of your time

Save Best Lap Replay (Ghost Replay)   Ghost Replay
Use the form bellow to say your score.
Table scores can take up to 5 minutes to be actualized.

Enjoy and good luck!

2 comentários a “Time Trial 6 – Closed

  1. Boas RPRS.

    Tal como diz nas regras:
    “Event Rules:
    No contact whatsoever with the track boundaries (walls, fences) or other objects;”

    Se o banco de neve delimitar a pista (track boundaries), qualquer toque no mesmo invalida a respectiva volta; pode-se usar a pista toda, o que não é permitido é qualquer toque que seja, nos limites do circuito.


  2. Boas,

    Uma questão acerca do TT6. Se por acaso dermos um pequeno toque na parede de gelo, mas o tempo da volta continuar a contar podemos usar essa volta? Ou fica invalidada para efeitos de GTOR TT?



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