Ring Shuffle Races Series – Edition 1


 General Information

There will be lobbies of 14 driver’s each;
All lobbies will have the same settings, and the same rules;
All driver’s must enter lobbie until 22:45;
We will have 3 Races in 1 Night;


Practice Lobbie Opening Time -> 22:00 (when available)
Qualifying -> 22:30
Race 1 Start -> 22:45
Race 1 Duration -> 25 minutes (aproximately)
Race 1 End -> 23:10 (aproximately)
Race 2 Start -> 23:25
Race 2 Duration -> 25 minutes (aproximately)
Race 2 End -> 23:50 (aproximately)
Race 3 Start -> 00:00
Race 3 Duration -> 25 minutes (aproximately)
Race 3 End -> 00:25 (aproximately)
Points System

No Drivers Leaderboards

75% of race completed is needed to score points.

* The reading and understanding of these rules does not replace the need of reading and understanding the General Blog Rules.

Room Settings

Host – ??

Help – only ABS

Weak Mechanical Damage On/ Penalty Off

Real Grip Reduction on Track Edge

Boost Off / Slipstream Strenght Weak

4 comentários a “Ring Shuffle Races Series – Edition 1

  1. Boas malta , vamos passar a ter esta competição ás sextas feiras á noite , corridas aleatórias no Ring .

    Os carros usados são os que sairem no momento , quer na corrida dos 340pp , 400pp ou 460pp .

    • Boas fábio , os carros da corridas aleatórias são escolhidos pelo próprio jogo , cada um vai ter de correr com aquilo que lhe sair 🙂

      Carros stock .

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