Kazunory Yamauchi at GameLab 2012 Interviews


-Complete elmundo Interview


  •  “Neither a machine with a hundred thousand times more powerful than PS3 achieved the perfect simulation”
  •  “No simulation can achieve 100% because even the great Formula 1 teams use models to refine their models, but we are close”
  •  “The tire contact with the asphalt is very mysterious. We bring 15 years working on it and it’s really difficult to simulate these 100% natural”
  • ( F1 game ) “It is an area where we try to work on his day, we were interested to create a game with the Formula 1 license but had to desist. That industry is a monster so big that any agreement you want to get them forces you to make a financial outlay that we do not we can afford”


-Complete motor.terra.es Interview


  • “As new consoles, new platforms, the language of the game changes. Evolution must find that the user has the most intense experiences possible and that an increasing perceived quality”
  • ” One of the biggest differences between game and reality is that driving in a car, the next moment, you could be dead”

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