Today Porsche Challenge


Since the connection problems of last week affected the RGT Race @ Spa, we ask all room2 drivers to confirm their availability to race today a little bit earlier than usual, an 8 lap at SPA with the RGT with the same grid order as last week 3400S race grid ending.

This Race @ Spa could be done @ 22:00 GMT. Please confirm ASAP at the comment box of this post. (Green can, yellow don’t know and red can’t race)

After reviewing the replay sprikPT, Pinxante and Vortekum will be disqualified for disrespecting the rule 10 of the blog (Rules).
“10. Cutting the chicanes or “shorting” the track at any point is strictly prohibited on all parts of the track, including the asphalt-areas in behind out-of track-lines. Any changes or track specific boundaries will be clarified in the Race Specifics section of any given event.”

This drivers will have zero points for the first race.
The drivers that did not enter the first race, will start from the front of the race, like if the driver only have participated in the second race last week. If we have 2 drivers that have not raced last week, we will put then alphabetically ordered.

This will be the starting departure for second race at SPA:
1- fpxoto
2- galera69–PT—
3- Matinhos
4- mayorzeze
5- nunorafaelrocha
6- vortekum
7- Pinxante
8- sprikPT
9- maforse
10- m-eugenio
11- RPRS
12- Lagas_GTPT
13- PacR78

Today is the Round 2 of the Porsche Challenge @ Indianapolis Road Course.

Round 2

Indianapolis Road Course

3400 – 16 Laps

RGT – 18 Laps


ROOM 2 NUMBER – 1472-6118-4130-9219-2679


24 comentários a “Today Porsche Challenge

  1. Boas,
    Eu hoje não devo participar porque não devo conseguir chegar a horas como já tinha anunciado no início da semana. Assim boas corridas, no entanto se conseguir ainda tento aparecer para a última corrida.



  2. Boas pessoal

    Estava a contar participar hoje mas tive um imprevisto e vou ter de faltar, desculpem ter sido muito em cima da hora! 😦 Boas corridas


    • Boas, já actualizámos essa informação no artigo. Quem não apareceu parte da frente e se houver mais de 1 piloto será por ordem afabética.

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