72 laps // 12240 turns // 16444,944 kms

There will be no Practice Rooms, so if you want to Practice open your own room.
When you enter the Race Lobby you must enter the pits but DON’T ENTER TRACK before the Host tells you.
We expect to have all drivers at the pit lane, confirming that they can see all the other players and then wait until the results are revealed.
At Shift1 we will be respecting the Qualify order and departing with 5 seconds difference (they will be reduced in the total shift time).
At the other Shifts , we will wait for the end of  the previous shifts and for the final results calculated by GTOR organization. The grid order will be writen in the lobby commentary box.
When the grid order is revealed and the HOST tells you, the 1st driver should exit pit and drive until the end of the straight.
After that, the 2nd driver of the grid must leave pit and drive and park before the 1st driver, and so on until the 9th driver.
Race will be starting after this grid displacement.
Also, for the teams involved, don’t forget to read the ENDURANCE SURVIVAL GUIDE.


Race Schedule – 19th May

  • Race Briefing – 14:30 (it’s important for all drivers to be present)
We will open a 16 driver room and deliver some information for the Race and also answer to some doubts that may happen. We will also be at the JustinTv Chat writing the Briefing for those that could not enter the Briefing Room.
We expect Drivers that are present in the Briefing Room to deliver the message to those that are not present.
  • RACE – Lobby1 Opening Time -> 14:45
  • Shift1 Race Start -> 15:00
  • RACE – Lobby2 Opening Time -> 16:40
  • Shift2 Race Start -> 17:00
  • RACE – Lobby3 Opening Time -> 18:40
  • Shift3 Race Start -> 19:00
  • RACE – Lobby4 Opening Time -> 20:40
  • Shift4 Race Start -> 21:00
  • RACE – Lobby5 Opening Time -> 22:40
  • Shift5 Race Start -> 23:00
  • RACE – Lobby6 Opening Time -> 0:40
  • Shift6 Race Start -> 01:00
  • Endurance End -> 03:00


Don´t forget to be conservative. Damaging your car is always a bad idea.

Don’t ruin the other players race and take close attention to the lapping rules.

Don’t brake or change direction to let pass. Just don’t accelerate for a little bit and mantain trajectory.

Remember THE PIT RULES available at the General Blog Rules:

If you damage your car heavily while close to pit, you may drive backwards to pit if you respect the following procedure:

  • Stop the car in the grass or in a non-track area and press the start button, entering the game’s menu and write in CAPS at the lobby chat “BACKWARDS TO PIT
  • Always drive backwards, at no more than 80 km/h, IN THE GRASS or in a non-track area.
  • Be careful while exiting grass to enter pit because tyres will be dirty and will be easy to spin.

If your car is very damaged and you cannot drive it in straight line, press the start button, entering the game’s menu and write in CAPS at the lobby chat “AUTO PILOT TO PIT”. While in Auto Pilot you must still be carefull with other driver’s, and if needed you should stop the car at a safe area to let pass.

Auto pilot is not mandatory, but if you cause an incident while heavy damaged you will be penalized.

When you see the information in the Lobby Chat “AUTO PILOT TO PIT” or “BACKWARDS TO PIT” you must be carefull and be aware of what driver wrote the info and where is the driver, in order to prevent a crash.