Nürburgring 12H – Qualify


It’s almost RACE DAY, but before we need to set the Race Departure order.

To get yourself thinking about the event, check these fantastic magazine for PC or for iPad.

Also, look at this fantastic video of last years race.

Qualify Settings

  • 5 laps race with each driver departing with 45 seconds difference;
  • Lap1 & Lap5 won´t count;
  • No tyre wear;
  • Light Damage;
  • Best lap from the 3 drivers will be the one that counts;


(22:15 until 22:50) – Practice Room1 – ENDED

(22:15 until 22:50) – Practice Room2 – ENDED

(22:50) – Qualify Room1 – ENDED

(22:50) – Qualify Room2 – ENDED

(22:50) – Qualify Room3 – ENDED

GMT time. Check your Qualify Room below. Order must be respected.



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