ROC Stage 5


Event Information

The Stage5 of the ROC2011 will continue with the ROC FINALS. The best drivers from the previous ROC Stage 4 will be facing head-to-head in a knock-out tournament where one driver goes in front and the other driver goes backwards. Passing through the start line each driver must perform a U-turn (180º) and drive the reverse way of the previous laps. Each driver must perform this U-turn 3 times. The fastest driver to complete the event is the winner and pass through the next stage.

The drivers that will start racing backwards will be the ones that, alphabetically ordered stay last

(eg. Group: TwinSpark41 will start racing backwards and Gugashadow racing the normal way).

There will be 5 laps.

  • Lap1 – Driver1 normal / Driver2 reverse
  • Lap2 – U-turn – Driver1 reverse / Driver2 normal
  • Lap3 – U-turn – Driver1 normal / Driver2 reverse
  • Lap4 – U-turn – Driver1 reverse / Driver2 normal
  • End of ROC Heat.
Drivers will departure when total room time is 20 seconds.
Driver1 at green light must drive a little bit and stop at start line.
Driver2 must drive a little bit and perform a U-turn (180º) to face the other driver at the start line. See video and photo.
ROC Finals and ROC Super Finals consist in 2 players aligned in the starting line, one facing the right side of track, and the other facing reverse track. The race will start when the room clock marks 0:20:000 seconds. Drivers must cross line and change the direction 3 times. The winner will be the one that crosses the finish line first after the 4 laps and the 3 direction changes.

Video explanation:


Live Broadcast HERE.

NOTE: Drivers who start the race before the 20:000 seconds or that do not perform the U turn passing through the finish line will be disqualified from the event.


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