Lapping Drivers

Lapping Drivers

With the 12H Endurance event very close to start, we would like to talk a little bit about lapped drivers.

In real racing a light blue flag, sometimes with a diagonal yellow, orange, or red stripe, informs a driver that a faster car is approaching and that the driver should move aside to allow one or more faster cars to pass.

In online racing we don’t have blue flags, but in GTOR we have tried to implement a simple rule of 3 corners to let pass.

To help everyone to understand what should and should not be done, we will post some of the most important things you must do and add them to our racing rules:

General Information

All drivers must have configured in their racing device controller (wheel or DS3) the back and side mirrors.

This is extremely important to figure out where other drivers are, not only lapping drivers, but also fighting for position.

If for any reason you are not able to use the side mirrors, you should perform the following alteration to your map display HUD. This way you are able to see where your opponent is without using the mirrors.

(Notice in the video that while having a small crash or leaving track for any reason with the mirror you are able to see where the other drivers are and prevent a crash. Also notice that with zoom applyed in the map configuration you can quite clearly see where other drivers are in relation to you);

Lapped Drivers should not…

Brake hard to let pass. The faster drivers behind you may not have present that you are a very kind driver and want to brake to let pass and then crash will happen;

Try to guess where you will be passed and then put your car in the other side. The faster driver behind could be using a mass transfer turn technique, or a drifting turn technique and you could be lead in mistake and cause an accident;

(Notice that in the video the white Zonda wanted to let pass but didn’t know how to. He braked and changed trajectory. Small crash happened)

Change direction abruptly because the faster driver may be trying to out pass you from a different trajectory;

(Notice that the Gold Zonda dind’t know where to pass because the red Zonda wasn’t keeping a straight line)

Also be carefull while recovering from an accident (in the video almost crashed)

Interfer with faster driver races. If a faster driver outpasses you and you want to see if you were able to keep the pace always keep a safe distance and don’t try to pass in braking. And don´t forget that behind the faster driver can be more and you will be interfering with their races;

Lapped Drivers should…

Lift the gas pedal to let pass. The faster drivers behind will be slightly faster than you and will be able to pass without problems. Also you will be loosing very few speed. This technique is much appreciated when you are being passed in a straight line;

(Notice in the video that the gold zonda tryed to inform of his presence, respected the drivers line and overtook after the dark zonda left space and lift up gas. Not much time lost here)

Keep the Racing lineThe faster drivers will find a way to pass through the right or left. Reduce a little bit your pace if you notice that the car behind you has not find a way to pass but DON’T CHANGE DIRECTION. This technique is much appreciatted when a faster driver arrives in your back in a quite complicated area with a lot of turns;

(Notice in the video that the gold Zonda (faster) overtakes the red Zonda (slower) without loosing time because the red Zonda stayed in his racing line and only lifted up gas)

Make the turn from the outside while being passed in a straightThe faster driver will pass you with no problems by the inside. This technique is much appreciatted when a faster driver arrives in your back in a straight line and you are both approaching a turn. Keep the the outside line and brake a little bit more than usual. The faster driver will get passed and you will be able to draft him;

(Notice that the Zonda in front realized there was a faster driver behind and took the outside line to let pass.)


Try to recouver from the lapped situation only if it is absolutely safe for him and the other driver and if it will be not interfering with race fights between the faster drivers;

 Lapping Drivers should not…

Horn like crazy to get passed. If you want to be seen press the horn for 3 – 4 times not more.;

Put in risk his race or the other’s race;

Use the lapped driver as an excuse to justify his final standings;

Cause damage or crash to the lapped driver because he did not let you pass within 3 turns;

 Lapping Drivers should..

Understand the other driver’s difficulties and make sure you can pass in a clean way for both.

Be aware of the signals the other driver is leaving like difficulties to control the car (damage in the wheels or puncture) and prevent a crash;

Wait until the best opportunity to get passed;

Let the lapped driver get passed and recouver the lapping situation if he is faster then you are because you could be interfering with his race fights also.


Like everything in life, good sense is needed and be sure that racing with fair-play is what takes us apart from the normal online rooms and what makes us race together for more than one year.

You don´t need to imagine all the racing situations that will happen and try to memorize what is the best way to let pass.

Just stick to your race rhythm and lift the gas a little bit will always be the best answer.


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