Endurance Survival Guide


GTOR organization had scheduled tomorrow for the last day of the registration. Since there are still very few teams registered we will extend the registration until 13th May 23:59.

All teams should be properly registered until then in order for the organization to organize the Qualify and the Race.

Also, the shifts distribution is very important to be accurate because there are only 2 broadcasters for the entire race and they must be syncronized for the event to take place.

Each 2 hour shift will have 12 laps and everything will be set for Race for Real Event, with only ABS available so consistency will be the key for a good race.

For the less quick drivers, don’t get frustrated if at the end of shift1 you are some time behind… Remember that there are more 10 hous racing and everything can happen.

Also another important tip, especially for the less quick teams…

Don’t try to gain time by pitting less times than the faster teams. If you are less quick, you probably have more difficulties while controlling a car with very few rubber on. the 30 seconds you loose pitting are nothing while comparing with a hard crash in the first sectors of the race.

Damage will be set to HARD so in a 25kms Race… You know what happen. A full lap damaged may be a 5 minute loss just because of 30 seconds !!

GTOR prepared a Endurance Survival Guide that you can access HERE and we hope it helps you in this FANTASTIC ONLINE EVENT!!!


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