12H Endurance – Team Registration


Today Lotus will be delivering the Elise RM for the first official practice.

ROOM – 1472-6399-8580-0414-1211

Tomorrow, 4th May we will start Team Registration that will be open until 9th May 2012.

Each team must choose a name, number and colour.

The number and car colour must be equal to ALL DRIVERS and the only thing that might change is the Rim’s colour for each driver.

To try and match things up, some drivers are not allowed to be team mates, such as the drivers in RED.

Also the sum of the Ranking level drivers can’t be more than 8 for teams where a RED driver is present, and more than 9 for the other drivers.

Example1 – Team with taboaamassa, ColiMatrix77 and DrummerManiac is not allowed – Sum of Ranking Level is 9 and taboaamassa is a RED driver.

Example2 – Team with ColiMatrix77, DrummerManiac and cyclop_X is allowed – Sum of Ranking Level is 9 but there’s no RED driver.

The drivers in YELLOW, MUST race with us at least one time before the Endurance Race.

If any team wants to register a driver that is not in the pre-registered drivers, that driver will only take part if all the pre-registered drivers have team and if the GTOR organization allow.


2 comentários a “12H Endurance – Team Registration

  1. Atuaradio Team Racing —–> Branco #79
    cliotoris – 3
    KOS_79- 2
    luismico46 – 2
    7 pontos

    ainda dá para levar a PitBabe!!!!


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