Endurance Details


The GTOR organization has reached an agreement with one of the main tyre manufacturers.

All the Elise Lotus RM will be racing with SPORT SOFT tyres.

Also, Lotus will be delivering the ELISE LOTUS RM next Thursday in the Nordschleife to all drivers, so please check the Schedule Details below for the ENDURANCE.


3th May -> Lotus Delivery & test at the Nürburgring – 22:30

4th May -> Team registration opening

9th May -> Team registration closed

10th May -> Endurance Test at the Nürburgring – 22:30

17th May -> Endurance Qualify (1 driver per team at least) – 22:30

19th May -> Endurance Briefing – 14:30

19th May -> Endurance Start – 15:00


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