GTOR Racing License Achievement


The drivers that want to achieve the GTOR Racing License have another chance today, 25th April at 22:30 GMT.

The License will be 5 laps on Nurburgring GP/F with the Zonda R of the recommended cars with racing soft.

Damage will be set to High so if you crash you must go to pit.

We will open a public room and will say here it’s number.

Room Number – 1472-6118-3830-2742-8207 NEW Room 

If for some reason you can´t enter the room , CHAT with the Organization HERE . 

The following driver’s that can be submitted to GTOR License:

  • smotpoker4200
  • dani-el99
  • vidrinhos
  • anaoj
  • ricfreitas
  • SNight_PT
  • Pinxante
  • Esdrimacoy
  • tiagoelvas
  • sprikPT
  • vortekum

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