12 Hour Online Racing – 19/05/2012


We are almost 1 month distance from the most epic Online Racing Event held by GTOR. Since the commitment to this kind of event it’s not easy, we will request for the first time a PRE-REGISTRATION FORM where we will start to see how many of you are interested in taking part.

We kindly ask only to register if you are completely sure about your availability at 19th May 2012. We will be racing from 15:00 GMT 19th of May until 03:00 GMT 20th May.

The organization initial goal was to set up teams with no more than 8 points in the total team ranking, this means a if a team has a driver with level 4, the other 2 drivers must have level 2 or one level 1 and the other level 3. Total Team Ranking = 8.

Since we are not sure if we will have the number of drivers needed, we will first ask for a pre-registration and then give the information to start creating teams. We want balanced teams because we want that every driver have the chance to win!



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