ROC Stage3 – Updated

Stage3 – 13/04/2012

Welcome Drivers to the ROC Stage3.

Due to some missing drivers we have given the chance to eliminated drivers from the stage2 be present in replacement. This will be the last time we will admit substitute drivers.

There’s still one spot to be filled by one of these drivers (from this order) -> lont; comunhas55; ramaty

Since group C is the only with 2 missing drivers and Hdvtec cannot be present before 23:00 GMT, we changed the Racing Schedule to Group C. It will be the last Group to start racing.

Drivers, please take a close look to your racing schedule and don´t forget to be logged in our Justin TV Channel to watch the live broadcast.

Schedule (switch schedule in Group E & F)

  • Lobbie Opening Time -> 21:50
  • TwinSpark41; Drummer e RickVTEC Enter Room-> 21:50 until 21:55
  • Race Group Start -> 22:00
  • gugashadow; acl_13; MiguelAngelo7 Enter Room-> 22:05 until 22:10
  • Race Group Start ->22:15 or early
  • ruca_PORTUGAL; Scorpio_IR; DJ_Mano Enter Room-> 22:20 until 22:25
  • Race Group Start ->22:30 or early
  • taboaamassa; cyber_x7; m-eugenio Enter Room-> 22:35 until 22:40
  • Race Group Start ->22:45 or early
  • Plugged_PT, Colimatrix77; fernando01971 Enter Room-> 22:50 until 22:55
  • Race Group Start -> 23:00 or early
  • ANDREXUGA; luismico46; ciberg_pt Enter Room-> 23:05 until 23:10
  • Race Group Start -> 23:15 or early
  • cliotoris; RussoBraga; mushumy Enter Room-> 23:20 until 23:25
  • Race Group Start ->23:30 or early
  • Hdvtec; Sukury; lont  Enter Room-> 23:35 until 23:40
  • Race Group Start -> 23:45 or early

Live Broadcast HERE.

Times bellow or HERE



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