Friday Night Special Event

Friday Night Special Event

Kart Racing! 

 Event is open to all GTOR Community Drivers with the GTOR Racing License 

ROOM Number : 1472-6118-3615-5262-8789

Registration OPEN  

 Car :
PDI Racing Kart 100

 Tracks :

K-C Ring – 10 Laps
 Top Gear Test Track – 10 Laps
 GTOR Academy Kart Track – 10 Laps
 Circuito de Madrid- 8 Laps 

 Help – Driving Line On 
Tyre Restrictions: Stock Tyres 
Strong Mechanical Damage On/ Penalty Off
Real Grip Reduction on Track Edge
Boost Off / Slipstream Strenght Weak
Grid Order: Fastest First

* The reading and understanding of these rules does not replace the need of reading and understanding the General Blog Rules.

Note : This Event does not count for the GTOR Ranking Licenses list . 

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