Blog Meeting


As some of you know, the blog’s admin were gathered to discuss the first 3 months of the blog, the future of the blog, the next events, etc.

  • One of the first themes that were discussed was the growth of the Blog’s team. Currently, in order to try to expand the blog to new horizons and new players, we need more help so we will open a Team Registration Form in order to get the answer from our community and check who is available to help, and with what sort of help.

*Room Host and Race Steward – Has the responsability to open the room and set the different room settings correctly. Must respect the schedule defined by the Event Manager and try to explain all the doubts of the players in the room. Has the responsability to lauch the race start. At  the end, must provide GTOR organization the final standings by email, indicating who fell off from racing and who quitted racing. Must save the replay and be able to sent it to GTOR organization if requested;
*Event Manager – Has the complete responsability to create, develop, and manage a racing event. Must choose the car, the track, set the rules, the tyres, the Helps, the schedule, the points, etc. Will have total responsability for the event with the help of the GTOR admins. Will also be Room Host and must hire more room host’s if needed;
*Official Broadcaster – Must have a Video Capture Hardware to be able to broadcast GTOR events. All the other settings will be informed by us;
*GTOR Editor – has the full responsability of a GTOR Admin. Must help all the event managers and host’s, update all the different blog platforms (gmail, facebook, twitter, zwame, etc.)
  •  One of our main concerns is the Expert Series Room 2 Host, because usually all of the GTOR admins and editors want the ROOM1 leaving us with lack of players to host ROOM2;
  • Another theme discussed was the official entrance to the GTOR Team of the driver Scorpio_IR. Sérgio (Scorpio_IR), was already helping out in several events, standings, doubts, etc so we are just officializing his presence in our STAFF as an GTONLINERACING EDITOR;
  • We have also mentioned the GTONLINERACING evolution to a website, leaving the blog form, and it was determined that the GTOR 3.0 Update will arrive within 3 months time;
  • We have also mentioned the creation of a new chat system that could be connected to GTOR, so please register yourself at THE GTONLINERACING CHAT;
  • We have decided to create practice rooms before the race events, this way it will be forbidden to practice in the Room Races to try to stabilize the connections to the servers;

  • The Super Special event of the 19th of May, the 12 Hour Endurance @ Nürburgring is already in our minds. But to be able to pass from a dream scracth to an Epic Online event, we must try to understand if we have 30 comitted players to be at an online game from Saturday 15:00 GMT until Sunday 03:00 GMT. There will be 10 teams with 3 players, 2 hours shifts so every driver can race for 2 hours and then relax for 4 hours straight. Do you have what it takes? Community please let us know if we can start thinking about this event.