Stage2 – Today – 21:45 GMT


The ROC Stage2 is ready. Art Morrison have provided several 60 Corvette’s to the participants and Daytona Road Course has everything ready to receive the GTOR 2011 Champions.

All the ROC Stage2 briefing is available here. Please read it carefully and if you have doubts please ask them before friday since we will not have time for explanations next Friday.

Please, if you don’t have ColiMatrix77 in your friends list, add him until Friday afternoon because we will open a PRIVATE ROOM.

Live Broadcast HERE.

  • Lobbie Opening Time -> 21:45
  • Group A Enter Room-> 21:45 until 21:55
  • Race Group A Start -> 22:00
1st TwinSpark41; 2nd PacR78; 3rd DrummerManiac; 4th Kill_Rabbit
  • Group B Enter Room-> 22:05 until 22:10
  • Race Group B Start ->22:20 or early
1st acl_13; 2nd gugashadow; 3rd MiguelAngelo7; 4th comunhas55
  • Group C Enter Room-> 22:25 until 22:30
  • Race Group C Start -> 22:40 or early
1st Hdvtec; 2nd ajsilva65; 3rd Aiab; 4th Sukury
  • Group D Enter Room-> 22:45 until 22:50
  • Race Group D Start ->23:00 or early
1st ruca_PORTUGAL; 2nd db_09; 3rd Scorpio_IR; 4th Dj_Mano
  • Group E Enter Room-> 23:05 until 23:10
  • Race Group E Start -> 23:20 or early
1st Plugged_PT; 2nd ColiMatrix77; 3rd fernando01971; 4th Ramaty
  • Group F Enter Room-> 23:25 until 23:30
  • Race Group F Start ->23:40 or early
1st taboaamassa; 2nd cyber_x7; 3rd m-eugenio; 4th RPRS
  • Group G Enter Room-> 23:45 until 23:50
  • Race Group G Start -> 0:00 or early
1st KOS_79; 2nd TIAGONOVA; 3rd ANDREXUGA; 4th ciberg_pt
  • Group H Enter Room-> 0:05 until 0:10
  • Race Group H Start ->0:20 or early
1st cliotoris; 2nd mushumy; 3rd RussoBraga; 4th lont
Drivers, this will be a great logistic effort from EVERYONE not to delay the event.
We will not allow anyone to practice before the race, so the main goal is to enter lobby in the range time we posted above and get ready to race as soon as possible.