GTOR Admin have decided to change the car for the Endurance 24H Simulation due to the reported bugs of damage and tyre wear on the Acura.

The Qualify done yesterday, 2th March with the Acura NSX RM has been cancelled and new Qualify has been marked for the 5th, 6th and 7th of March.

Room opening time -> 22:15

Qualify time -> 22:30

We will open 1, 2 or 3 rooms for the Qualify according to the Registration Form that ALL THE 30 DRIVERS must complete. Please register only for 1 date. You will not be able to participate in more than 1 Qualify.

Final results will be revealed only thursday 8th March.

We sincerely expect that the car change and the new qualify dates won´t affect your will to join us in the most unique event of the GTOR.

The car change was something that we did not expect, but was definitely needed after all the bug reports.

The Endurance Qualify won´t affect the SGT nor the Expert event. Both events will occur at the same time, so if you wan’t to participate in the SGT you can’t do the Qualify in Monday.


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