Race Of Champions 2011


The invites have already been done.

Currently we have 24 drivers that have obtained the right of taking part at the GTOR ROC 2011 because of the standings achieved across the several 2011 GT5 Championships, and therefore, were invited to take part.

Gladly, we have invited 25 drivers, 1 refused to take part, 1 couldn´t be present. So in order to keep with the original 24 invites we have invited the driver with more presences in GTOR events that was not driving with us in 2011.

Even so, we will have 32 drivers, so there is still slot available for the fastest 8 wild cards that want to take part and race against the best 2011 GT5 drivers.

If you were not invited by the GTOR Team, please pay attention to the blog, registration will open soon as well as event schedules.

Champions, start your engines.

GTOR ROC car list already available

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