Press Release – FIA GT3

Press Release – Fia GT3 Drivers


We have already done 3 races of the Fia Gt3 Cup and there’s still some things that need to be re-explained:

  • Cars and cars colours – you must respect your team car for each given week and your team colour as well as your team number;

Transrent1963, you seem to have difficulties in understanding the event rules, the car’s setup, etc. All the information is  in the FIA GT3 Menu and if you still have questions, send us an email. You were with the wrong car, the wrong setup, the wrong colour and at the Mazda cup you were complaining about the Restriction Rule when everyone already knows that the car must be stock, you cannot change anything in the car (besides braking level). Also in the Mazda Cup, your car had the number #1 in the door which is not allowed in GTOR. You must use your own number, and if you don´t have one, choose one from the allowed numbers.

  • Track incidents – we have identified some drivers that are at a very low fair-play level. We will give these drivers another chance at the next event, the 4th Fia GT3 Race which will be held in a very hard track… If these drivers don’t behave as they should, they will have a VERY SEVERE PENALTY.

12. No careless driving. Always show respect for your fellow racers. Be careful. Show some patience. Understand the limitations of your car and yourself and drive accordingly. Driving online in a racing sim is NOT exactly the same as real life racing in every respect.

  • The 4th Race will be held in Fast Gear Track, a generator track. In order to practice in this track, you must have one of the Fia GT3 host’s in your friend’s list (taboaamassa; ColiMatrix77; DrummerManiac). The track will be set to “share” mode by the host’s.