After the results from the blog’s opinion form, and after some coments from our community, we have decided to update the blog with more and different information/organization as follows:

  • Menus -> we have compiled in Event Specifications the Room Settings and Calendar menus;
  • Menus -> we have eliminated the Driver’s List and Inscription Menus;
  • GTLife Menu with a new Archive section of all events instead of an Archive for each event;
  • Amateur Series -> we have eliminated the Amateur Series since we will create a new Amateur Championship that will occur at Saturdays;
  • All Amateur events will have indicated in the Event name the AMATEUR designation. For example AMATEUR – GT-R Cup
  • Registration -> all events with active registration will be mentioned here. All Registration Processe’s will be launched here and at he blog’s main page only a simple warning: REGISTRATION UPDATED;
  • FAQ’s -> introduction of the new FAQ’s Menu, where we will try to answer all the community questions as fast as we can;
  • Friday Series -> This new series, that will occur at friday’s, will have all kind of events, from Race for Real to Amateur, and from Championships to Single days passing to Endurances;
  • We will try to post very few articles in the blog’s main page and redirect the information for the respective theme.

Hope the new changes allow all the community to understand better the blog’s events.


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