GT Online Racing – Update 3


The first two events to occur in the GTOR will definitely be a success if they get the same interest shown at the GTOR Racing Licenses and at the Championship’s Registration.

When we first designed the events, we were expectating between 24 to 28 players, numbers that were largely passed.

Currently we have more drivers to fit in more than 2 rooms, but not enough drivers to fit in 3 rooms, if you consider that there will always be someone missing in the event day.

Therefore, and because we have always said that the GTOR was open to everybody, we have been arguing about this situation in the past Blog meeting and came to a conclusion.

Taking for the example the SGT Championship, we will have a Qualify taking place next 9th January and the fastest 24 driver’s will continue to next stage of the event, they will be integrated into a Racing Team.

The other driver’s, from the 25th until the 35th will also participate in a New SGT League, the SGT Rookie League.

This Rookie league will have an independent LeaderBoard and the best Rookie of the event will be awarded with the automatic presence in the next event that replaces the SGT, without having to pass the Qualify Round.

This Rookie League will be open for registration during all the Championship duration, so if you are free in some Mondays but not in all of them, you can register yourself in the Rookie League (registration will open soon) and race only in that Monday that you are free. (GTOR Racing License needed)

We will then race with 3 or more rooms -> 2 Rooms for the major league and 1 or more rooms for the Rookie League.

If 1 driver of the Major League can’t race in some given day, it is their team responsability (the driver and the team mate) to “hire” a rookie from the Rookie League. The hiring conditions will be set later. So, at the event day, the Major League Teams can replace a missing driver by hiring a rookie driver from the rookie room.

The chosen Rookie will automatically have gained 25 points (same as victory) if he finishes the race for the Major League hiring team. This 25 points will be added to the Rookie Leaderboard, and the Team Points gained by driver’s position will be added to the Major League Leaderboard.

The Rookie League will have the same Calendar, tracks and cars of the Major League.

With this Rookie League creation in all our Championships, we do think we can achieve some of the blog’s objectives quite soon:

  • Clean Racing for everybody, regardless their Driving Level;
  • Clean Racing for everybody, regardless their calendar availability;
  • 2 Major League full rooms with 24 cars, regardless the missing driver’s;
  • Championships always open for registration, regardless the duration of the championship;
  • Independent registration for just one of the events,e.g if you just want to race in the GT300 you can by joining the Rookie League;
  • Rookie integration with the fastest driver’s, by racing the same cars at the same tracks and time comparison;
  • Rookie integration with the fastest driver’s, by being hired to race in the Major League Teams;
  • Unlimited number of Driver’s registration;
  • Possibility of registration for only 1 track or 1 day;

The Rookie League Regulations will be soon released and will be integrated in almost every championships to occur in the GTOR. For example, if we have an event with 42 registrations, we’ll have a 3 room Major League (36 drivers) and a 4th room Rookie League (6 drivers) that can be raised to 5th or 6th room if new driver’s arrive and the Championship is already underway.

We do hope the Rookie League’s idea goes into what you were expecting from the blog’s objective of Racing For Real to everyone.


4 comentários a “GT Online Racing – Update 3

  1. 😀
    Great to hear that the Rookie League was definitely a great idea 🙂

    Hdvtec, Registration for the Rookie League only, will open soon, probably after the 9th January Qualifying Round.

    But since it will always be open, no worries about it 😉

  2. With the rookie league I can register for only GT300.
    Considering that I’m only available after 23h this are great news.

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